Thursday, 4 September 2014

It's that time of the year again...

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Hi to all Supporters of Scraphaven,
For quite some years now l have been assisting Samaritan's Purse with their 
Christmas Shoebox appeal.
It is a fun project for families to do.
It really is very simple and very satisfying.
All you have to do is collect a Printed shoebox and leaflet from me this Friday for 50c.
Then take the family out shopping to pick some items off the list provided, for a child.
You choose the age and sex of the child so your items are age appropriate.
The only hard thing is trying to fit all your chosen items into the box because once you start you just can't stop picking up an extra one or two.  If you would like to assist with the postage cost as well, that would be fantastic but not compulsory.  You can now track your box so you know which country it arrives in.  There a few items we are asked not to put it, which are listed on your leaflet.  Also on the leaflet is a tag for you to stick on the front lid of your box showing the age and sex of the child you are supporting. All packaging of your items have been asked to be removed as most countries struggle with waste products.  It is a good idea to place your items in a drawstring bag or a plastic Ziplock bag so your items do not fall out.  All boxes must remain unsealed for Inspections.
For those who have participated before, already know how rewarding and enjoyable this project is.
You do not need to spend a lot of money to make one little Orphan very happy this year!
We have so many $2 shops that you can fill your box with loads of fun things for a little one not quite as fortunate as our own .  So if you would like to participate this year just let me know and l will have the boxes ready for you.

Their will be a Special Presentation of the Boxes in our Church, St. Andrew's Uniting 
on  Sunday, 19th October

All are welcome to attend.

Thank you for your support in this wonderful project.
Please note there are many different institutions from our local Churches, Schools, Just Planet, Probus and of course Scraphaven plus many more getting behind this project.


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